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Frutas Borja Complaints Channel

At Frutas Borja, integrity and transparency are fundamental pillars of our corporate culture. We are committed not only to regulatory and ethical compliance, but also to creating an environment in which our collaborators, clients and partners trust the way we operate. Therefore, we present our Whistleblowing Channel, an essential tool to ensure that any concern or irregularity is identified, investigated and appropriately managed.

What is the Complaints Channel?

This channel is a secure and confidential platform designed for our employees, collaborators and interested parties to report conduct that they consider inappropriate, unethical or contrary to current regulations. It can be about financial issues, work issues, harassment, among others.

Main features

Confidentiality: We guarantee that your identity will remain protected if you choose to remain anonymous. We respect and value the privacy of each informant.

Impartiality: Each complaint will be treated objectively and seriously, ensuring a fair and transparent investigation process.

Protection against Retaliation: We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that those who make a report in good faith will not suffer retaliation of any kind.

How to use the channel?

The process is simple:
Access: Click on the “Go to Complaints Channel” button.

The tool allows you to make a report or consult a report that has already been made, choose the option you want.
Click on the “Make a Report” button
Click on “Consult Complaint

Details: Please provide all relevant information about your concern. The more details you include, the more efficient our investigation will be. Fill out the forms with the information requested.

Tracking: You will be provided with a report code so you can review the status of your report anonymously.

Anonymity: If you wish, you can make the report anonymously, neither the company nor the digital tool records any personal data of
a person who makes an anonymous report.

If you decide to opt for anonymous communication, the tool will request an email to carry out the double security factor 2FA verification, which the regulations require us to do, in that email you will receive an anonymous user verification code and the code of the complaint.

You can rest assured, the tool does not store your email, the company does not have access to your email and neither do the tool managers, so your report is completely anonymous.

In fact, if you lose the case code that you receive and your password, which you choose, or you remind us, you will not be able to track it because it is unique and only you will have it.

Commitment to Ethics and Compliance

Our Complaints Channel is a manifestation of our commitment to ethics and compliance. We urge all concerned to use it responsibly. Through this tool, we can together build a stronger, more transparent organization based on mutual trust.

Remember that, for Frutas Borja, your voice is essential. Help us maintain and improve the integrity of our company. Use this channel when you consider it necessary, and together we will continue to grow and strengthen our values.

Thank you for being a key piece in our commitment to excellence and ethics!

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